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Door Heartwarrior, gisteren om 10:02

You are love

You are love

There is no other guidance you are seeking for
Then your own, friend

There is no ‘other’ outside that will fulfill
Your desires and ‘needs’

That is just an [...]

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Door Heartwarrior, gisteren om 10:01

Become out of your mind

Be out of your mind

Are you aware of the beliefs
That you accepted for being true
without tapping into your intuition if they were?

Can you see that what you think to be,
Is nothing more than [...]

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Door Heartwarrior, 17 november om 15:17

Warrior of heart

Warrior of heart

I know it may sometimes feel like
You got more than you signed up for

But you see my friend
When you so eagerly accepted your challenge

You knew you have all it takes

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Door Heartwarrior, 17 november om 15:15

It takes you

It takes you

Don’t mistake your deviance
For pathology my friend

It's how species evolve
It is your uniqueness

That brought you here
It is your absolute power

To [...]

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