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MaagdMaagdHaan ~ WaterHaan ~ Water
'Summerizing yourself is an impossible task, because the most important things cannot be expressed in words. And who truly knows themselves?
So I will just tell you some of my superficial qualities, and leave the rest up to you to find out!
At my high-school graduation, one of my teachers said I was the most laid-back student he ever had. And I do have a very calm appearance, but I can be very intense as well about the things I am passionate about. School has never been my passion, because I'm a non-conformist. The rigidity of the education system has bothered me for as long as I can remember, and later this also started to include the system as a whole. I really don't like it. I could tell you the reasons why right here, but that would spoil the fun.
When I finished high-school, I went abroad to be a volunteer. I had the dream of traveling and seeing as much of the world as possible. I went to quite a few places in the years following, but now I am working full-time and saving up to be able to move abroad indefinitly.
Working, school and practicing martial arts take up almost all of my time during the working week, but I am free in the weekends to meet with friends.
In between all that I spend my time learning about a large variety of different topics, from psychology, philosophy, history and spirituality to the finer details of how the world is run.
My motivation is always to improve myself in order to improve the world around me, because I know that is the only way to really do it.
Did the personality type test, and got the result ENTP.
If any of this resonates with you, hit me up!
I can see
what the world could be
and it all starts with YOU&ME.'


  • Ik ben een man
  • Ik ben 26 jaar
  • Jouw leeftijd doet er voor mij niet toe
  • Ik zoek iemand voor een serieuze relatie of een vriendschap
  • Mijn lengte is 188 cm
  • Jouw lengte maakt me niet uit
  • Ik heb een atletisch postuur
  • Ik heb geen kind(eren)
  • Ik woon in de provincie Zuid-Holland
  • Ik heb als sterrenbeeld Maagd
  • Ik heb als chinees sterrenbeeld Haan - Water
  • Ik heb een kinderwens
  • Ik ben van W-Europese afkomst
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