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BoogschutterBoogschutterPaard ~ AardePaard ~ Aarde
'I'm soooooooooo happy I found this site! <3 I can't tell you what a relief it was to see some of your profiles, with similar goals and interests to mine. . . . I thought to myself "Yes, real men still exist!!!" :D

A little bit about my path....My original profession is molecular geneticist, but having reached everything I wanted in that profession, I decided to move on, since it was not fulfilling to me and I didn't find it effective enough in terms of discovery. True discovery happens inside of us and at the physical level in REAL LIFE experiences. I did not know it then, now I know it. And what is more important, I LIVE like that :) I also had a small company in Hungary (I'm from there), which gave me the experience to realize what my mission really is. Nowadays I dedicate myself to helping people, e. g. I was the replacement mother for 2 Belgian children for 2 yrs. I became a Kahi-Healing therapist, using a uniquely comprehensive, holistic healing concept, which is not known yet in Belgium / The Netherlands.

I am looking for a partner who walked a similar way: through plenty of life experience, a lot of stumbles and rebirths, becoming stronger and more balanced than ever before. ;) Someone with whom I can share my mission, someone who understands and appreciates what I do, someone I can support in his mission in return (so this means you have one). But also someone who wishes to have a family (with children) as well.

My dream is to live in a self-sustaining way, what I already achieved on this beautiful road:
- master the most effective healing techniques currently available on this planet, so becoming independent of the healthcare system is good on the way (Y)
- have a small permaculture garden (where snails didn't eat up everything :D)
- enjoy testing how many things are actually unneeded from the technocratic world, making things on my own
- became excellent in money management (I learned a lot from my Dutch ex :D ) and on the way to become less and less dependent on money. . . .

This otherwise excellent site does not contain questions about our past relationship history which is surely not unimportant. I've had 3 long-term relationships so far (8, 2. 5 and 4. 5 yrs), with Hungarian and Dutch men. 2 of them were based on a substantial match in personality and 1 was based more on romance. However, the happiness / success of a relationship cannot be measured in length, we all long for a true life-time partner I guess ;) . Now I am focusing to find someone with an even better match in foundational values, goals and interests.

Mijn moedertaal is Hongaars, mijn Engels is heel goed and ik ben mijn Nederlands continu aan het verbeteren. Als je mij wilt contacteren, doe het ajb in een van deze talen :D :D :D'


  • Ik ben een vrouw
  • En ben op zoek naar een man
  • Ik ben 44 jaar
  • Jij bent tussen de 42 en 50 jaar
  • Ik zoek iemand voor een serieuze relatie of een vriendschap
  • Ik ben op zoek naar iemand die een serieuze relatie of een vriendschap zoekt
  • Mijn lengte is 168 cm
  • Jij bent tussen de 175 en 195 cm
  • Ik heb een normaal postuur
  • Ik zoek iemand met een slank, atletisch of normaal postuur
  • Ik heb geen kind(eren)
  • Als mijn partner kinderen heeft zijn zij welkom
  • Ik woon in de provincie Limburg (be)
  • Het maakt me niet uit waar jij vandaan komt
  • Ik heb als sterrenbeeld Boogschutter
  • Het maakt me niet uit wat jij als sterrenbeeld hebt
  • Ik heb als chinees sterrenbeeld Paard - Aarde
  • Het maakt me niet uit wat jij als chinees sterrenbeeld hebt
  • Ik heb een kinderwens
  • En zoek iemand die een of misschien nog een kinderwens heeft
  • Ik ben van O-Europese afkomst

Kunst & Cultuur

  • Ik hou van lezen
  • Mijn favoriete boeken:After you walked some distance on the spiritual path, you realize most books you can actually throw away (and LIVE instead).

    Some books, however, remain evergreen:
    - Osho
    - Eckhart Tolle
    - Rüdiger Dahlke
    - A szépség szimfóniája (The Symphony of Beauty) - a Hungarian masterpiece never translated to other languages. It is about the higher order roles of a self-realized Man and Woman, shown through the spiritual history of film and fashion, with modern everyday examples. Also an excellent piece in symbolic thinking. The rest of the world should have an access to this treasure!!!
    - Béla Balogh: 10 Commandments of the Subconscious - scientific approach to show that our thoughts / subconscious programs create reality and not otherwise, excellent methodology to reprogram the subconscious. It exists in English, but you really need to track it if you want to have it. In Hungarian it is downloadable any time.
    - Gilbert Renaud (the father of Recall Healing)
    - Jean Liedloff: The Continuum Concept
  • Mijn laatst gelezen boek:Rose Jansen: Klanten werven vanuit verbinding - Stralend Ondernemen (cursus notities)
  • Ik hou niet zo heel erg van films
  • Mijn favoriete films / t.v. programma's:Please, keep away TV from me ;)
    Some films are masterpieces though, like
    The Matrix
    City of Angels
    . . .
    The Wachowskis
    Luc Besson
  • Mijn favoriete acteurs en regisseurs:I like Nicholas Cage (usually everybody hates him :D ) and Michael York very much. As for women, Julia Roberts and Kim Basinger, they are beautiful and have some excellent films.
  • Mijn favoriete muziek:New Wave / Gothic Rock
    Ritual / shamanic

    1 Winter Severity Index: Slanting Ray
    2 Sisters of Mercy: First and Last and Always
    3 Neon: Memories: 1980-1986
    4 She Past away: Belirdi Gece
    5 Fields of the Nephilim: Elizium
    6 The Cure: Seventeen Seconds
    7 Depeche Mode: Violator
    8 Liquid Bloom: Shaman's Eye

    I know, it is not 5, but it is impossible for me to reduce my favourites to 5 albums ;)
  • Of ik van koken hou en mijn favoriete keuken:Cooking is the most basic magic a self-realized Woman practices. It is necessary for keeping the family together, by putting caring, loving and healthy energies into the food. It is a skill women tend to forget nowadays. This doesn't mean that men cannot cook of course ;) I like cooking, with no special preference, however, Hungarian, Italian and Asian food rule ;) What is more important that you use quality ingredients. But I am not extreme in that. I try to grow my own vegetables as far as I can.


  • Ik hou van actief en ontspannende vakanties
  • Mijn favoriete vakantielanden:My own land because of the relatively untouched natural areas and the richness of (old) culture.
  • Houd ik van kamperen? ja op rustige campings in de natuur

Hobby & Sport

  • Ben ik sportief? ja recreatief
  • De sporten die ik beoefen:Life works with synergy, the more your activity is in harmony with the wholeness of existence the more it serves you. I use this principle in my life. I would never do a sport just for the exercise or to fill up my life. I choose activities, which serves more purposes and evolves me in a spiritual way.

    I cycle to work - environmentally friendly, cheap, it wakes me up in the morning and serves the purpose of working locally. Real communities are local, it is the past and future for humankind. And I say this on an online dating site :D

    I do cleaning - we still live from money, so why not being paid for working-out rather than paying for it?!?!? Seriously. Also, cleaning outside is somewhere cleaning inside as well. It is a perfect way to ground myself, I need it as a Sagittarius ;) . And it gives me the opportunity to master myself in serving others, which prepared me for the mission of my life. It is also excellent to deepen the caring skills of a spiritual Woman.

    Dancing - if you stop dancing, singing and listening / reading tales, you are dead. No need to explain that.


  • Hoe ik de politiek volg:From as far as possible :)


  • Mijn geloof is anders
  • Ik belijd mijn geloof als volgt in praktijk:See spirituality.

    "We are one consciousness filling the whole universe"

    "The moment you understand that you are eternal, all fear disappears. "

    "I have no investment in any fold, any cult, any creed, any religion. My only love is to share the truth, the beauty, the godliness that I found. "

    "Anything that makes you festive, anything that gives you celebration, anything that makes you dance and sing to such an extent that you disappear in your dancing, in your singing, in your celebration....is the only true religion I know of. "
    / Osho /
  • Mijn levensovertuiging is sjamanisme


  • Ik ben een beetje huiselijk en beetje uitgaand persoon
  • Spiritualiteit is belangrijk voor mij
  • Ik hou me als volgt bezig met spiritualiteit:Spirituality means unity, to be completely Yourself, in Harmony, in Balance, in the Flow. Not (only) in a yoga posture, during meditation or giving / receiving healing, but (also) in EVERYDAY LIFE. The most obvious sign if someone is really spiritual, if he / she is healthy and without addictions. Physical symptoms are clear road-signs where you went off-track and gives you a perfect opportunity to stop, evaluate and find your way back to the Order. It is not a problem if you are sick, what matters is that you do everything possible to heal.

    Also, if you are truly spiritual, you can create a life you truly wanna live, facing significant, measurable improvements in all areas of your life. So not only in your health, but also professionally, socially, financially, in your relationship, educationally & in matters of the soul. Everything else is just growing your spiritual ego. . .

    . . . like listing all the courses / techniques you already learned / used. First I wanted to leave this out, but for those who are interested, here is my list:
    - integrated yoga (incl. tantra)
    - spiritual therapy (an effective, directed form of energetic therapy)
    - Brian Tracy-type of personality development systems
    - resolving stuck emotional patterns by shamanic healing
    - studying old traditions and the works of best psychiatrists
    - Ayahuasca & bufo
    - Recall Healing
    - Kahi-Healing

    First it was more a desperate seeking, then grateful receiving, nowadays it is more about giving and manifesting. Right now I am creating a free online course titled "The Ultimate Guide to Live your Dreams in Abundance". Soon to be launched ;).

    What is spirituality in practice? I find this list quite accurate:
    ****12 signs of spiritual awakening****

    1. An increased tendency to let things happen rather than make them happen
    2. Frequent attacks of smiling :)
    3. Feelings of being connected to others and nature
    4. Frequent overwhelming episodes of appreciation
    5. A tendency to think and act spontaneously rather from fears based on past experience
    6. An unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment
    7. A loss of ability to worry
    8. A loss of interest in conflict
    9. A loss of interest in interpreting the actions of others
    10. A loss of interest in judging others
    11. A loss of interest in judging self
    12. Gaining the ability to love without expecting anything in return
  • Het belang dat ik hecht aan samen dingen doen:Doing creative things together, spending quality time together forms a team. A family, a partnership is also a team. So it is crucial to have common interests and common activities, based on common values. However, it is not necessary to do everything together, you need time also for yourself, a few common activities can be enough. It is more important that we both enjoy what we do together.
  • Het contact met mijn vrienden omschrijf ik zo:I have everyday contact with few friends, with others I meet less frequently. I don't like surfacy contacts, but during the years I learned to be grateful for those as well, not to wish that surfacy contacts become true friendships, and to let contacts grow into true friendships, which seemed surfacy in the beginning.
  • De betekenis van seksualiteit voor mij:It is one way of spiritual growth and also a beautiful way to experience UNITY. Also, good and evolving sex is one basis for a happy relationship. The art of sexuality gives you an amazing way to experience unity, not only with your partner, but with the whole universe. It is literally breath-taking...or it can be at least :P....if you can create that mind-blowing frequency with your partner.
  • Mijn werk:Which one? :D
    See introduction + sports.
  • De rol van mijn werk ten opzichte van een relatie:It is important that we have a common mission with my partner. He should be experienced in alternative therapies and / or personality development and appreciate what I am doing. All this of course in balance with private life.
  • Ik verwen mijzelf zo:I have strict time management, but I find it equally important to pay attention to my wishes and needs. If I feel like walking in nature, I take a break and do it (if I can). Collecting materialistic things normally does not attract me, but I admit that sometimes I buy myself a present (e. g. a nice perfume, jewelery, beautiful, but not expensive clothes, ornaments). I can especially enjoy drinking a glass of sparkling fruit-beer on a hot summer day, in the winter I prefer a delicious cup of tea (coffee I never drink). What I really appreciate is going to courses. Learning alternative therapies is kind of all-in-one surprise for me: the best present, fulfilling activity, vacation, spiritual growth, investing in my future.

    Right now I gave myself the graceful opportunity to start dating, because I miss a true partner. I planned it for after I building up my therapeutic practice, but I changed the plan a little, because my heart told me to do that way. It gives me fulfillment which fuels my motivation to keep on working on my professional projects <3 .
  • Mijn definitie van geluk:Being happy is essentially the same as being spiritual, being truly Yourself, in Unity. There is no greater ecstasy than taking a life-changing step towards yourself by e. g. cleaning up your limiting mental / emotional patterns, and discover that you are the creator of your own life.

    "Happiness is a shadow of harmony; it follows harmony. There is no other way to be happy. "

    "Happiness happens when you fit with your life, when you fit so harmoniously that whatsoever you are doing is your joy. "
    / Osho /
  • Dit is waar ik van geniet:- personality development & alternative therapies
    - new wave music & dancing
    - taking steps towards self-sustainability
    - helping people
    - nature
    - true friends and quality social contacts
    - love energies between me and my partner
    - flea markets
  • Zo ontspan ik me het liefst:- sleeping
    - treating myself with Kahi-Healing methods to bring myself in total peace, creativity and to fill myself with energy
    - dancing
    - going to alternative therapy courses
    - being in nature
  • Ik word ontroerd door:When I see others suffering, especially children and animals.
  • Ik kan me ergeren aan:Luckily, less and less things annoy me. What I find still hard sometimes is when I have to watch and accept if my most beloved ones don't learn from their own mistakes and create even more misery in their lives. I know it is their path, the best thing that can happen to them, the best way to themselves. But still, it is hard to let them go on that path....Because I want to see them happy.
  • In een relatie kan ik me ergeren aan:When he is not evolving and runs away from challenges.
  • Hoe je een relatie levendig houdt:Life is change. A relationship needs to evolve as well in order to stay alive. Common foundational values, common goals, good sex and stable financial grounds are essential for that. If these are not present, no technique will keep the relationship alive on long term.
  • Ik geef (mijn) kinderen deze normen en waarden mee:"You create your life. " And I would teach them how they can do that ;), or maybe just don't take that belief from them, because they are born with that wisdom.

    "If you are a parent, open doors to unknown directions to the child, so he can explore. Don't make him afraid of the unknown, give him support. " / Osho /
  • Hoe ik met tegenslagen om ga:At Kahi Academy we use effective techniques and treatments to process them, learn from them and move on ;) . . . . One of my favourite activities. Unprocessed experiences manifest themselves in limiting emotional / mental blocks after a while, which lead to diseases, if they are not resolved. Once you have the techniques to process them, your wounds will heal and you'll have an easier, more fulfilling life. It sounds complicated only until you start to do it. From that point you just don't believe how easy it is and ask why didn't you know about it before.

    "You feel good, you feel bad, and these feelings are bubbling from your own unconsciousness. From your own past. Nobody is responsible, except you. Nobody can make you angry, and nobody can make you happy. "
    / Osho /
  • Mijn lijfspreuk:Don't dream your life, live your dreams.
  • Ik ben een avondmens
  • Het belang dat ik hecht aan humor in een relatie:It's important to be able to laugh together, as well as to cry together.

Hypothetische situaties

  • Als mijn partner vreemdgaat, betekent dat voor onze relatie:Cheating happens when a relationship is emotionally not fulfilling for a long time, the partners are not conscious about it and don't open up towards each other. That doesn't happen to me normally :D, my long-term relationships were all based on true emotional intimacy.

    Still, anything can happen, if one of us cheats, we have to open ourselves and work on the solutions....which can be either breaking up or building up a new relationship based on new foundations. :)

    Great question by the way! ;)
  • Wat ik vind van alleen op vakantie gaan:Great! It gives space for evolution, an opportunity to miss and appreciate the other one more. And if the other one gives you "permission" to do whatever you want, it is a unique & awesome experience to feel how much he / she loves you and to realize that even if you are "allowed" to have an affair, you don't need it, because you already have everything in the world. <3
  • Wat ik doe als ik morgen plotseling miljonair zou zijn:I would do the same as what I do now, but faster....a bit less paying job and more time / money spent on my projects.
  • Wat ik ervan vind als mijn partner vaak erotische literatuur leest:I hope he shares his insights with me and gets inspiration for our own sexual life :P
  • Wat ik doe als ik niet meer tevreden ben met mijn werk:Change.


  • Ik rook niet
  • Ik drink af en toe voor de gezelligheid
  • Ik besteed veel aandacht aan een gezonde levenswijze
  • Hoe breng ik een gezonde levensstijl in praktijk?How inside, so outside. Cleaning the emotional and mental garbage inside of us is an absolute key to health. I followed this teaching, tested and learned the best techniques I could find....as a result I am healthy as a fiddle...not even a cold or flu can catch me. It's really amazing!

    Eating healthily, doing exercises etc. , everything which are said to be important for health....well, they are true to a certain extent...but you'll only be able to make all those habits a reality and you'll only know what you truly need to do to be healthy, if you are in order inside. So everything starts inside. . . .
  • Wat ik doe aan uiterlijke verzorging:And still....everything starts inside. . .
    I like natural cosmetics (but use other stuff as well). . . wanna make my own cosmetics...essential oils are amazing also for such a purpose.
    Otherwise I follow the "less is more" in general. I am proud that I haven't become a victim of the beauty industry, however, I find pleasure in using some make-up sometimes.

    And Ok, I wash myself every day and clean my teeth also. . . :D...of course. What a stupid question...someone who is dirty won't write here (s)he is dirty...pffff