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An intimacy beyond words

Jeff Foster schreef het boek getiteld:
The Wonder of Being: Awakening to an intimacy beyond words.

What if life is infinitely simpler than you ever imagined?

We spend our lives seeking wealth, success, love, fulfilment, and even "spiritual enlightenment" in the future. Yet right at the heart of life there is an intimacy, a simplicity, a wholeness that is totally beyond words—and which cannot be reached through any kind of effort. In our attempts to change, to improve ourselves, or become "enlightened, " we end up ignoring this wordless intimacy which is our birthright and our true home.

The Wonder of Being points to the eternal freedom which exists beyond the seeker and the sought, and shows us the hidden assumptions that underlie our seeking activities. With great humour, compassion and clarity, Jeff Foster reminds us of something we have always known—that life, as it is, is a miracle. . . and beyond our thoughts, we are already free.

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